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Flight Rising - starborn-vagaboo 

FR recolor headshot for starborn-vagaboo. There is a male version of this as lineart as well. I think I may start charging extra for complicated markings like ripple or clown as opposed to basic or iri.

Ridgebacks (c) Flight Rising
Art (c) me

Okay so yay hoozah Damian’s back and everyone’s wondering if Dick and Dami are gonna know the other’s alive but whAT IF HE’S A CLONE AND DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF ORIGINAL DAMI’S MEMORIES???? WHAT IF WHEN DICK DOES COME BACK HE FINDS OUT ABOUT DAMI BUT IT’S NOT REALLY DAMI? IT’S NOT HIS DAMI


Flight Rising - Azha

My founding dragon on Flight Rising. I joined during the last opening but the recent one is rekindling my interest lol.

Probably gonna offer recolors of this and other species (I have a female version minus the beard as well) for in-game currency. If you’re interested let me know!

Guardians (c) Flight Rising
Art (c) me

Commission - Zyrena

Commission for Zyrena of her character (left) sharing a sisterly hug with MearuFox's character.

This may be the last cel-shaded commission I take. I forgot how tedious it is and I really want to focus on painting for now

Characters (c) Zyrena and MearuFox
Art (c) me

Commission - Krogan Reference

Ref sheet commission for shelaleephoenix

Krogans (c) Bioware
Character (c) shelaleephoenix
Art (c) me

Welp. Got sucked right the fuck back into Flight Rising.

Anthro New England

It’s official, I’ll be there! Table is all paid for. Gonna be hanging out with poprockgrey and keedot and I can’t wait :D

It’s a new con so I’m a little concerned about how sales will be but hopefully the kind of….con drought around that time of year will make it a bit more enticing.

So how bout you guys? Anyone going?

Really tired of Tumblr making me feel guilty about things I can’t control and who I am

I’m not afraid of sleep. I’m afraid of going to sleep. I’m afraid of that period where you’re not allowed any distractions and you’re just lying there with nothing but your own thoughts for company.

For me it’s never positive. Paranoia, overactive imagination, call it what you will. It always starts with whatever’s currently causing me anxiety. And then it wanders to the most random, negative shit my brain can come up with. Shit happening to certain body parts that freak me out, something happening to my boyfriend, “what if my dad snaps and kills us in our sleep”, “what if someone breaks in and kills my dog when she tried to protect us”, etc etc. Sometimes it’s even worse than that. But it’s ridiculously pervasive and once I think of it once, I can’t stop. So I end up tossing and turning and sometimes crying because my mind is kind enough to play these thoughts like fucking movies on a loop for an hour or longer.

I really fucking hate going to sleep. I guess I just hate being alone in general

So last night I had a dream that I was driving to a bagel store on this corner. And I couldn’t fucking park. Like it just wasn’t working. So for some reason I had to back all the way out of the lot and up the street to try again. And one of these times I saw Pewdiepie walking down the street and somehow knew he was also going to the bagel store. So I pulled over and gave him a ride (apparently we knew each other?) and took another 2 or 3 times to park but eventually got it.

So we go in and Pewds has to translate for me cuz we’re apparently in Sweden until everybody just started speaking English. And it took me forever to decide what I wanted even though I knew I went for a breakfast sandwich. The bagel store was also more of a like…bakery restaurant thing. I dunno. I don’t remember much else other than that we sat down with our food, I drew a Feraligatr for some reason? and the guy behind me complimented me on it, gave me a high-five, and apparently recognized me from the internet. I dunno.

So uh, thanks for the bagels, Pewds.

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