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I fixed up my betta’s tank yesterday. I could not for the life of me get rid of all that algae, so I just took everything out and powerwashed it. And dad gave me a log from his tank that looked a lot better than the one I had before.

Also, he doesn’t officially have a name yet but I’ve kind of taken to calling him Boo. I also call a lot of other things Boo though so XD

Funny how every single fish managed to find a hiding spot….except for the big dumb albino cory lol

"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

…..X Job

My name would be X Job

Did I just invent a new sexual act


jesus if someone called me queer i’d clock them in the face

just because a few people of the lgbt+ communities accept the word it doesn’t mean a lot of people do. it is still a slur. stop calling every lgbt+ identity “queer” just because you are comfortable with a slur.

[OPEN] Offering 1 full color illustration and 3 character designs

I cleared my queue in 2 days and took a couple days off, and now I’m ready to get back into it!

I’ve decided I want to practice more fully-rendered, formal illustrations, so I’d like to take one commission in this style. The price would be a minimum of $80, increasing based on number of characters, complexity, backgrounds, etc. Please keep in mind this would be somewhat experimental. I will be toying with composition, color palettes, and painting styles.

I also want to practice some more character design stuff, and try to deviate from the patterns I’ve noticed myself following lately. These are $45 for one view and $60+ for full references. If you’d like a character designed, please supply this information:
Age: (child, young adult, elderly, etc is okay, don’t need an exact number)
Sex/gender: (please note I do not draw “dickgirls” or “cboys”; I will however draw transgender or intersex characters, or truly hermaphroditic alien species)
Color palette: (can be specific, vague, or free reign)
5 - 10 physical characteristics/themes you’d like. I will try to incorporate as many as possible.

Giving Weasyl and Tumblr a shot at these before I post them on FA.

1. [Painting] - OPEN
2. [Design] - OPEN
3. [Design] - OPEN
4. [Design] - OPEN

People who get rid of the family pet/pets that don’t belong to them without consulting the rest of the people involved make me absolutely sick.

Like yeah, way to raise your kids to trust you. Way to make sure your SO doesn’t resent you. Way to completely ignore your family’s emotions and relationships. 

I just saw someone on TV who did it but I know several people who have had their pets taken away without their knowing.

If you think this is an acceptable thing to do, seriously, fuck you.





Professional or not, no matter what art style, I wanna see how many artists are out there.


Do writers on an indefinite hiatus count? If not, too bad. I’m counting anyway.

One, two…

Sometimes I feel really guilty about the “type” of person I’m aesthetically attracted to. For the most part I’m really only attracted to skinny or athletic guys who are clean shaven as much as possible…and on one hand I feel guilty because skinny, athletic, and clean shaven are the exact opposite of everything I am. And on the other, and more importantly, I feel really bad when people show me muscly or overweight characters and try to fangirl over them with me and I’m just like “….this really doesn’t do it for me at all” which leads to “why can’t I find big bellies or muscles or more-than-minimal body hair attractive? Why can’t I find all bodies attractive?” 

Logically I know I can’t control what I’m attracted to but that doesn’t really make me feel any better….nor does the fact that the two times I got asked out by a guy and said no, my friends all said I was just being shallow and I should “give him a chance”. Obviously that was serious bullshit too, but….yeah.

Progression series of the Drosera painting. A total of about 30 hours over the course of about two months.

Drosera (c) FeyPhoenix on Weasyl
Art (c) me

Commission - Drosera

PHEW finally done x_x 

15x22 watercolor for FeyPhoenix on Weasyl of his plant monster Drosera.

This piece taught me a LOT. Including to charge a hell of a lot more for watercolor :| I am actually really proud of the final result though, so there’s that lol

Drosera (c) FeyPhoenix on Weasyl
Art (c) me

Pride Badges - Lizeh and Bliz

Pride badge commissions for Lizeh and Bliz on FA.

Lizeh - Genderfluid/pansexual combo
Feral Bliz - Asexual
Anthro Bliz - Agender

Characters (c) Lizeh and Bliz
Art (c) me

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