So I’m making this character. He’s a stealth type with tech abilities and an acrobatic fighting style. His outfit is all black and dark gray, and he has a full-face tech mask with a single green glowing circle in the center, and a tech belt to match.

I can’t decide two things:

  1. Good or evil? My first plan was to make him a villain, similar to Deathstroke. But then I started thinking about him beyond the context of the game, and I’m wondering if he’d be more morally ambiguous? Like, he’d have his own code that wouldn’t necessarily align with either, but he’d work for whoever paid more. Or something like that. But then at the same time I always kinda liked the heroes who seem more like villains. So basically I have no fucking idea.
  2. Human or robot? On one hand, I’d really love to get him beaten up and bleeding and being a robot kind of makes that difficult. On the other, being a robot would make him that much more….alien, I guess? Maybe more like mysterious. People would wonder how he was so good at what he does, and why he seems impossible to kill, and yeah it’d be because he’s a robot. I’ve also discovered I kind of really like robo gore….but at the same time robot injuries don’t often have the same sense of urgency or gravity that organic injuries do and I really like playing those kinds of scenes…..

So you see my predicament here? XD Help would be very much appreciated.

Anonymous asked:

I have to disagree in that trigger thing. It's their own fault for following them. And they should message that person to ask if they tag things as gore.

What if the person they follow has only just discovered they like gore? What if they post 99% other stuff and 1% gore? What if the person is an artist and they like their art but the artist also reblogs gore?

And yeah, that was my point. Things should be tagged. If someone wants something tagged and the person refuses, they’re a dick. That’s what the original post was about.

Random thought I had about a conversation this weekend about triggers and trigger warnings:

Triggers are basically like mental/emotional allergies. Yes, it’s kind of the person’s fault if they knowingly eat something they’re allergic to. But that doesn’t mean companies can just….stop putting allergy labels or ingredient lists on their products.

So if a person is triggered by, I dunno, really graphic gore or something, and they go into the gore tag, yes, that’s their fault. But if they’re just scrolling through their dash, or one of their fandom tags, and suddenly come across a really graphic gore photo or a picture of their favorite MLP pony being dismembered, it’s the poster/reblogger’s fault for not tagging it with content.

Thus concludes a mini rant.